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Rates are updated at:01.08.2022 11:02
Currency Buy Sell Rates are updated at:01.08.2022 11:02
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Testimonials of our clients
15.06.2019 Viacheslav

I would say, even the most profitable exchanger in the city. Therefore, usually I appeal to them

06.06.2019 Lina

Great exchanger ?? ! The rate was competitive, the exchange operation was quick and without problems.

10.10.2019 Andrew

They always have the most favorable rate, I always compare the exchange rate within banks and here before the exchanging.

12.03.2020 Joan

I cooperate with this network of currency exchange for about a year, it is always more profitable for me comparing to other exchange companies and they have currency always in stock. Nice!

01.05.2020 Antoine

Lastly I sell USD only by Valuta24, I like the department and the location is convenient, Downtown

04.06.2020 Rob

I liked the cooperation with you?. Good luck!

11.06.2020 (Русский) Олег

(Русский) Подписан на инсту ребят и их телеграмм каналы я в восторге! Сайт тоже очень годный! Супер курсы и предложения всегда!

06.05.2020 (Русский) Леха

(Русский) Просто супер!! Менеджеры дали хороший курс! Сделали все во время и оперативно! Буду и дальше с вами сотрудничать!

14.06.2020 (Русский) Сергей Сергеевич

(Русский) Всё быстро и надёжно, лучший выбор.
Постоянным клиентам делают бонусы

21.05.2020 (Русский) Екатерина

(Русский) все супер!все быстро и точно!

04.06.2020 (Русский) Viktoriya

(Русский) Надежно и безопасно, рекомендую!

15.07.2020 (Русский) Ева Бока

(Русский) Минимальная комиссия очень радует, даже по не самому лучшему курсу иду менять деньги именно сюда.

08.07.2020 (Русский) Виктория Багрова

(Русский) Хороший обменник, меняла доллары. Приветливый персонал и курс отличный.

25.06.2020 (Русский) михаил

(Русский) Отличный обменный пункт!) Ещё очень понравился их сайт! Все максимально просто и открыто)) Всем рекомендую!

30.07.2020 (Русский) Сергей Лоцман

(Русский) Приятный персонал, приветливые. И ооочень хороший курс.Рекомендую

01.08.2020 (Русский) Brown Taylor

(Русский) Всё очень даже хорошо, меняю деньги только здесь.

01.08.2020 (Русский) Карина Дали

(Русский) Самый лучший курс

About us


Fast & straightforward currency exchange in Kyiv

Thanks to globalization, all the economies of modern countries are closely intertwined. For this reason, people use various currencies to implement foreign economic relations, the exchange of which is becoming commonplace.

Every day millions of people go on a trip. There is also a massive amount of transactions or purchases around the globe. Each payment is carried out in a foreign currency. Its sale and purchase should remain as profitable as possible, so that currency exchange contributes to the preservation of capital.

Where to exchange currency with profit?

Since the course change occurs daily, many think when it is better to exchange money. Selling and buying money allows you to win on the exchange course. It is necessary not only to order a currency exchange but also to conduct a transaction safely. A recount room is becoming a must for those who do not want to risk savings. If the currency exchange is a new market player, you should pay more attention to the reviews. Check the info about the various exchange points before choosing one of them.

Currency exchange services are top-rated among the population. Thus, you can meet exchange offices at every step. At the same time, it is better to give preference to companies that have their sites and offer the most favorable conditions. Special offers for wholesale currency exchange will be ideal for those who plan to buy or sell a large amount of currency. In this case, the course will be most beneficial to you.

Our company offers to use an exchange office and get the desired currency as quickly as possible. We have many years of experience in the financial services market, so customers can fully trust our service. The branch at the Big Vasilkivska str. 48/18 complies with all modern standards, protecting customers and comfort during operations with money. We adhere to a fair pricing policy so that you are satisfied with the course. You can order currency exchange in Kyiv directly from your apartment or office, using our website.

Any client is interested in the rate at which he or she will exchange currency. Its pricing takes place throughout the trading day on the interbank market, so it is essential to monitor fluctuations in the value of money. It will help to predict the best time to buy. Cross-course makes the sharing process even more comfortable. Our specialists are highly qualified, which will be another reason to use our service.

  • Here are our company services:
  • Conversion of the most popular currencies;
  • Wholesale currency exchange;
  • Purchase/sale of foreign currencies.

Our branch on Shota Rustaveli Str. can offer a comfortable course for clients. We have prepared a favorable work schedule that allows you to buy or sell currency at any time. If you have not yet decided where it is better to purchase currency, our website will provide you with all the necessary information. Here you can receive the most exciting currency exchange offer.

It will become much easier to navigate the courses offered by various exchanges by following the schedule for the currency value change. The list of our services is expanding fast. You can be sure that its quality always remains at a high level, and the client’s interests will be a priority for our specialists.

When it’s the right time for exchange?

You can check the current rate at the exchange point at any time. Its changes do not depend on the exchanger’s wish, as the value of the currency affects supply and demand in the market. The course formation occurs under the influence of political and economic factors. Even within one day, the currency can seriously strengthen or become significantly weakened due to many factors.

A profitable course can be obtained if a person learns to analyze and predict its changes. In practice, it is not as difficult as it might seem. Follow the dynamics and take into account the country’s main economic events. For example, obtaining loans or paying off existing public debt also affects the exchange rate.

If you are interested in transfers inside the country, then modern exchange offices can offer such services. Technological advances make it possible to endow exchangers with lots of new functions that were previously only available to banks.

Ordering online will help you not to waste time and reserve any sum of money to get it at any convenient time. If you have shabby and torn old-style banknotes, you should study the offers of the exchange offices that deal with it. Using the services of any of our branches, you can exchange:

  • US Dollar;
  • Euro;
  • Russian Rubles;
  • British Pound;
  • Frank;
  • Zloty.

Cooperating with our company, the client can be sure of their privacy. Contacting a currency exchange office remains a profitable solution for those who want to buy/sell currency quickly. Banks have various formalities and restrictions in case of such procedures.

If you use our services, you can save your own time and get your money fast. It’s the best option to exchange money to travel abroad or maintain business activity. Your safety is mandatory for our employees so that every customer will get the best service. Choose our services, and we will exchange any amount of money with the best course.

Why is it worth using our services?

Currency exchange is becoming a daily necessity for those who work in international trade or love to travel. You need to find an exchange office that can offer the most profitable rate and preserve your anonymity. Our company makes every effort so that the purchase or sale of currencies allows each client to remain the winner. We continuously monitor rate fluctuations and promptly change quotes so you can exchange them with profit.

Why should you use our services?

Our company can offer reliable service, and we guarantee the successful completion of each procedure. We propose to book exchange on the Internet so that you can exchange currency without any further questions. We have been working on this market for several years, which allowed us to gain a high reputation. We know well how difficult it is to gain the trust of customers. Therefore maintaining a reputation remains a priority for the company.

Our exchangers are located conveniently, which facilitates the process of buying or selling currencies. Customers receive security guarantees since all branches are equipped with private rooms for conversion. It excludes third parties’ attention during the purchase of foreign currency.

You do not have to collect various papers and obtain permits to exchange money in our company. We can offer a vast selection of money, starting from the usual US dollars or rubles and ending with pounds, francs, or zloty. Often customers are interested in the quickest possible exchange procedure, and our specialists are always ready to meet these situations.

Our currency exchange departments
metro Dvorets Sporta
Address: Shota Rustavelli street, 23
Operation mode: 9:00 - 21:00
metro L'va Tolstogo
Address: Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya street, 48/18
Operation mode: 9:00 - 20:00